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  • Buying an iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, or iPhone 4

    It’s no question that iPhone is the most popular and useful phone you can find – it sets the standard all other phones follow. Buying an iPhone can be a challenge – iPhone price changes have caused lots of variation in the market.

    iPhone price variation, especially for iPhone 3G, is based on condition and the city you live in, or the city you buy your iPhone. For example, in New York you can get an iPhone 3G or 3Gs for about $125 in good condition and with all of its original packaging. If you live in Los Angeles the 3G or 3Gs is about $150 – again it should be in great condition and have all of its original packaging and cables.

    iPhone price changes for iPhone 4 are greater and are influenced more by your location than by condition. This does not mean that the condition of an iPhone does not matter – it just matters less since there’s currently more demand for iPhone 4. You can get an iPhone 4 in good condition in Los Angeles for about $450 and, with a phone in similar condition for about $300 in New York.

    The best approach for figuring out about the variation in iPhone price is to shop around on sites like craigslist.org and kijiji.com. You should see variation of about $50 for iPhones in similar condition and sold in the same city.

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